AIRE ETERNO has partnered with Project TALITA to promote the program “Pan De Vida” or “Bread of Life”, which reaches people affected by extreme poverty and hunger.

Aire Kitchen during Bread of Life or Pan de Vida


This project was developed to replicate biblical principles of love and service to those in need. The general objective is to address food insecurity and hunger in the community. It also provides educational programs and advocacy to aid children and their families. Ultimately, Aire Eterno works hard to ensure that members of the community have access to nutritious food, regardless of their income or social status. How do we make this work?

  • Utilizing our kitchen to prepare meals for 70 children

  • Serving these meals twice a week

  • Selecting children through domestic visits to serve those at greater risk

  • Partnering with volunteers from the communities we serve

  • Training volunteers for food preparation

  • Providing nutritional counseling